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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Minor things to note:
Acquisitions pre-work:

Family Guy Season 3 (£20, HMV)
Chu Chu Rocket (for GBA, £6, Game)
Irn-Bru (500ml, 72p, Sainsbury's)


Whiny plump guy from Saturday got angry at the shop again, saying Trading Standards would be down soon, in a rather holier-than-thou manner. So I shrug at all of this. Still, he was ranting about how the shop was and how he'd never be back; which forced me to cheerily wave and shout "Seeya soon then!" with a massive grin on my face, as he left.

He also informed us he'd not come anywhere near us again. Good thing, seeing Dean banned him. All of this, over a pound.


I am trying to eat. I fancied sandwiches. However, the cheese (and to an extent, the bread) is so soft and crumbly that it's all just eroding in my hands, which is making me feel hungrier.

Looking forwards:

No work tomorrow. Potential haircut tomorrow (but will probably be Thursday now); got to go to Nan's and get money out of the Post Office for her. This is good as she lets me buy all manner of goodies as a way of saying thanks. Hopefully I'll sit down and do something worth doing. Odds on this are low.