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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Feeling like a million dollars...
Ickle Cute Thing
...with a three pound top and a five pound haircut.

And if that doesn't sound like a number 1 country and western song, what does?

Once I have a beardy trim, you can see before/after pics. It's scary how quickly my hair grew in two months; the hairdresser commented on how disturbing it was.

Update! Before and after pics now available! Scare your friends with authentic pictures of scruffiness!


I will explain why the top (worn in the latter picture, no less) makes me so squealishly happy in the near future. It's a geeky story, but then, what else do you expect from me?

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My gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the change a haircut and change of clothes makes! Aww Dean, we luv you the way you are ;)

You would say that, you barely see me nowadays :P

But yeah, like that fuzziness matters. "I'm super-great no matter how I look!", to quote Shakespeare.

...maybe it wasn't Shakespeare. It was someone, though.

Nooooo! I liked the beard!

It's still kinda there, but more as stubble. I'm never unlazy enough to shave properly, I just use trimmers to get most of the fuzz off.

I am reassured. I'm currently growing a beard and it's looking quite dodgy. But I couldn't particularly imagine a return to clean shaven. Not at the present time.

What prompted the drastic change in style?

A short, tidy haircut plus a scruffy beard can look odd together.

Usually I have one haircut every six weeks, and a beard trim (but never completely clean-shaven) a fortnight.

Been like that since the beard started, really. Got the tagline of Jesus at school, but it's not exactly a bad person to be likened to. One of our R.E. teachers even said I had a striking resemblence to Che Guevara after seeing my scruffy look.

Our school actually disallows facial hair. Which is annoying.

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