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The legacy of Rivers United continues.

a) Logo on a shirt. I have one sorted out from old days; it's just getting the logo onto a shirt.
b) Yellow lettering (a la Portugal's, I guess) that'd go on the back of this shirt.

a is easy to do. b will be significantly harder.

Anyway, this is so much more overelaboration about this shirt than is required.

Recently, I have been thanking someone for whoever created the cheap aspirin I have been using in mild quantities to clear up a nasty headache. Only problem is I barely feel tired now, at 4 AM. Hohum.

Other things: I felt an urge to skip but only had the dog's chain with me at the time. Given that I am slightly too tall to try to skip with a dog's lead, it was very difficult to do. Still, I managed to skip quite well; I was impressed with my skill. The dog was quite upset with my skipping attempts, though. I guess I should take the lead off him next time.


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