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Getting there slowly...
I had to go for a trip to Nan's earlier today, to get her money out of the post office over the road, and other little chores. She pays me handsomely for this trek, because it takes me around an hour and a half from leaving this house to getting back here after she needs a few chores done, and she enjoys having someone to talk to as well.

The long walk back hom helped in the end. I spotted 5, 6 and 7 on the way home (7 just as I was set to go into my little block of flats) and I know there's an 8 up the road, so once I spot that I'll be very close to 1% through this ordeal. Huzzah!

Update: Saw 9 on the way home from sorting out Tony's PC. I also saw 11, which made me curse. I do believe I'm addicted too much already.

Other stuff to mention? Grit's still excellence in Advance Wars 2, much to my delight. I'm going to need to sell stuff on ebay, and I'm also going to a friend's house in half an hour to sort out email accounts for him etc. Should be fun [getting soaked on the way home]!

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CNPS looks mad, but somehow great. :)


You wrote an entry in my journal but I'm shit and have only just got around to replying. Strangely enough I've come across your journal before when I was browsing to see if anyone I knew from back home had an account.
Anyway hello.
What part of Enfield are you from?


Yeah, I added you to my friends list for a bit but as I didn't see any new posts for a while; I assumed you'd just forgotten about your journal.

But I'm rubbish at assuming.

Still, I'll add you back as a friend now anyhoo. I liked the posts I read on your journal.

I live on Ladysmith Road, a little road off Carterhatch Lane. The David Lloyd bowling alley is a few minutes away from where I live.

Would it be okay to ask the same question back; what part of Enfield are you from?

I know someone who lives on Ladysmith Road but for the life of me I can't remember who!

I live (well my parents do) near Albany pool just off of Turkey Street which isn't too far from you really.

What school did you go to? I went to Chace up by the town.

I've been really busy and so haven't really posted much. Nah I'm shite and lazy really!

Shit I just looked down at the pictures you posted a while ago.

I know you! You were in the year below me at school. Jesus how freaky is that!

I'm so not gonna let you know who I am or you won't want to talk to me!! I used to go out with Jake Nicholls' older brother Luke.

Now I'm gonna go off and whimper in a corner with the scariness off it all!

I like how you say you tell me you won't let me know who you are, then give me information on an ex who I know. So he can tell me instead, huzzah!

People always seemed to remember me. I think having a beard does that. Still, it's amusing to me that people remember me for it. Best thing about the facialhairness as well - Mr. Shearman once likened me to Che Guevara due to it.

And pfft, I'd like to talk to you, if you wouldn't mind. I can see a load of interesting... interests... in that journal section bit. And given I'm far from a social butterfly it'd be nice to have someone local to chat with.

I wouldn't talk to Luke or Jake I might still be a sore subject.

Mr Shearman loved me. He made me stand up in front of a first year assembly in my fifth year and told them that I was the worst offender in the not tucking shirt in department.

Ah, fair enough, things didn't end amicably. I'll keep my mouth closed on that subject, then.

I was an intelligent-but-odd kid who'd manage to just merge into most groups, without fitting in perfectly but being accepted. Made most of the teachers like me, if only for my quirkiness.

Hm, you've sent another message. I should pester you on a chatty program, if you have any of those. It'd make conversation a bit easier.

Yeah I have some strange thing called Trillian which has loads of chat capabilities but I'm not quite sure how to add you.

Ah, if you can pass on any usernames I can add you and begin conversation instead. I use AIM most, of the chatty programs, but if you pass on any MSN/Yahoo/ICQ name I can still pester you.

I've added you to aim.

Sorry about the slap dash posting. I don't know where we're having a conversaion!

Heh, this conversation did kinda go a bit odd.

Anyway, all I need is for you to pass on a message to me on AIM and such, seeing I still don't know your username on there yet ;)

Though I've got to walk the dog first, so if I don't respond swiftly to whatever you say, that's why.

I went to Chace too... hm, next-door neighbour went to Chace too and may have been in your year. Does the name Kerry Sinfield mean anything to you?

And no, you're not really that far away at all. Half an hour walk or so, I guess, when you're back here.

And there's nothing wrong with laziness or shiteness. I know I'm suffering from that, I was meant to be down the shops already.

Was there a Kerry in my year? She must have been in WF or TF as I didn't know many of them.

Out of interest do you just sit in front of you computer all day!

Do you remember me?

Would have been TF.

All day? No. Only from when I wake up to when I sleep, or something. *cough*

I have to admit, I don't. :( I'm afraid most of the people that were in years higher than me whilst I was in Chace seemed scary, due to them all being so much taller and older and such.

Awww yah git.

I wasn't really hard to miss. There were very few of us alternative people in school and even less that were girls. I can't remember if you went into sixth form or not but I was there!

I'm sorry. I probably would know you from seeing a picture, but I was always bad with names. After all, you only remembered me from the pictures before.

I remember seeing people who (given the alternative links in your interests) may have been you, but as I mentioned before, my assuming skills are godawful.

I went to sixth form but only really went to the lessons. The downstairs common room was a little on the vibrant side for me, so I'd often spend time in the maths room on the right-hand side.

You were a geek then

I'm joking!

You're also probably right :P

Shall I ad you on AIM or ICQ?

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