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Update from work!

I update so frequently from work I downloaded the client and have hidden it away to prevent anyone else trying to touch this. This computer is slowly becoming infested with things of mine. Not that I find that bad.

So far today? I woke up, walked the dog, became re-introduced to someone from my old school who I'd not seen in years (and who, because of shyness, I never said hello to, despite the fact they were a neat person) and posted off a very clumsy-sized box for mother.

So far the day feels exceptionally good, especially because of the fact I got to chat to someone from my old school who's now a long way away. Another person I must visit and annoy!

Work is completely dead tonight so far. Exceptionally dull. Also annoying because I forgot to bring the GBA in. I'm afraid I had to make a bit of a rush out of the door to get to places in time and nearly forgot a lot of things. Procrastionation's nice, but it can cause little problems involving mad panics every now and then.

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