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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Who needs substance these days?
I deleted the last entry. It was too dull. Yes, I've posted a duller entry informing that I deleted the last dull entry.

...I am great!

I am also evil. The shop has a new mouse, so I've tinkered with the settings just to bamboozle a few people. Nothing major, just messed with the orientation and set it so that the cursor will loop (i.e. if you drag it to the top of the screen, and push it a bit further, it'll appear at the bottom of the screen).

I am surprised. I just looked from my hiding SN at work and I see my usual AIM screen name has been logged on for 8 days in a row now. I'm impressed, anyway.

Finally, I am bored. Can you tell?

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Messing with the mouse settings? You rebel, you.

It had the desired effect, though. The new mouse was a piece of crap, the boss thought it was broken and grumped about it on the phone to me, asking how long it'd been broken for. He's actually spent some proper money on a mouse someone can actually use, huzzah.

What I can't stand mouse settings-wise is bloody mouse trails. Argh!

If you turned those on I wonder if they'd think it was because the computer was slow and couldn't keep up? Hehe.

And as thingy said. You rebel, you.

I wager I'll go down in history for this act of incredible rebellion.

Turning mouse trails on might have the desired effect of convincing the user that the computer is slow. It might also lead them to believe someone had laced their sarnies with PCP.

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