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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Sam & Max? Grim Fandango? Together for under twenty squids? Oh my! - stolen from alt.digi

Rekkaturvat - Truck Dismount! Maim your little man as much as you can! Link nicked from julsey.

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Hehe, I have almost every LucasArts game to date. You can't beat the Monkey Island series though.

I'm feeling like setting up an old 486 DX2/66 just to play them. Sheesh.

I'll refrain though. I played them enough as a kid. Meh.


or you could use SCUMMVM like any sane person!

I've always been one to do things the awkward way :P

Besides . . . it's kinda fun trying to fit the old DOS games into your 640k of memory, along with the DOS kernel, your sound card, CD-ROM, etc...

Isn't it?

Oh. * gives up *


Oh yeah, on that note Beneath A Steel Sky (Revolution, not LucasArts) has been released as freeware now, it's integrated in the latest SCUMMVM release.

Gawd, aren't I sad. :P

Is it the talkie version, if it is then I can finally give up my hunt for the cd of it and rejoice!

"You can download either the CD version (70M, includes speech) or the smaller Floppy version (8M)"

Yes. (optional)

Grim Fandango is probably my favourite LucasArts game. I love it. I want to BE Manny.

I love the scene in Monkey Island 3 where he pulls the knife/dagger thingy out the back of Manny's back. :-)

Crikey, they're all amazing. Grim Fandango is up at the top level in my opinion, but not THE best. I still find Monkey Island hard to beat.

Is Manny in the cafe in Monkey Island 3? I really need to play them again, and I still haven't even got the first two yet. I need to get them.

Grim Fandango holds a special place in my ribs, though. I just love the whole setting of it, it's quite, quite genius. I alwasy wondered why the writer of Grim/Monkey Island, etc, doesn't write a few films or novels.

Yep, and I think he wears some kind of badge advertising Grim Fandango, or something. That whole game is weird. There's even a bit if you look through a crack where you see Monkey Island I. In THAT game there was a trunk if I remember rightly, and if you tried to go into it it asked you to insert a non-existant disk 47, or something similar. Well they linked back to it in Monkey Island III.

I have just found a download of *EVERY* major adventure game LucasArts released, but the best versions available, talkies etc. It's illegal, but since I own so many of the games anyway I'm going to download it.

Does anyone remember The Dig?

Ah yes, I remember Manny. I loved Monkey Island III.

And could you email me with the download of those LucasArts games, please?

I'll be sure to email you as soon as the website it's listed on is back up.

For anyone else who wants the link, please contact me at: radiodave@fuckoff.com

That email address isn't fake btw.


-Day Of The Tentacle + Sound + Speech + Manual.

-Indiana Jones 3 (256 Colors Version).

-Indiana Jones 4 + 256 Colors Version + Speech.

-Loom CD Version (256 Colors + Speech).

-Maniac Mansion Original.

-Maniac Mansion Enhanced Version (Latest) in English, German and French.

-Monkey Island 1 (256 Colors Version).

-Monkey Island 1 CD Version (Improved interface, etc...).

-Monkey Island 2 CD Version (Sound + Music). (Speech Version DOES NOT EXIST).

-Sam N Max (with speech) + Manual.

-Zak Mckraken 16 Colors Version (Original) + Visa Codes + Maze Help.

-Zak Mckraken 256 Colors FMTowns Version (This is a Killer) + Visa Codes + Maze Help.

Truck Dismount = Hours of fun! I must check out the online high scores, see if my 47,000 is in any way worthy.

Because I looked at it rather cynically, what's it all about?

Sweet jesus, Truck Dismount is fabulous. I just downloaded it now... you basically have to make a guy dismount from a truck in a spectacular way... I think.

That's essentially the gist of it.

Most beautiful "dismount" I managed so far was to put the guy on a ramp which makes him fly in the air, as he comes down the front of the truck is just going over a ramp and smacks him thoroughly in the face. The truck then turns mid-air and as the guy smacks against the wall, the truck completely squishes him into the most contorted ball I've ever seen.

Okay, so my 47,000 is intensly rubbish. You need 123,000+ to make it onto the top 200.. More practice required, methinks.

Best I managed is around 55,000. I'm quite scared how much that poor guy must have got beaten to get 200,000+ damage.

I bet he got a very hard kick up the arse! That might do it.

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