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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Throat's killing me. Probably tonsilitis, of some form. It's not been too bad until this evening, then it's just been really painful. Even speaking's been a bit hard to do. Not like anyone'd miss that aspect of me, but still. Gonna make sleeping a problem tonight, it's that sore.

I'm going to see how it goes but seeing I have to talk to customers a lot, working without a voice tomorrow could be very problematic. Irregardless, I have a simple plan to copy CM01/02, install it, get that latest patch and modify the South Korean league into a custom league. I also need to put money in the bank and send off a letter.

I kinda needed a break from work for a bit, I felt, but I don't actually want a day off. Not gonna be a fun thing to try to explain I can't come in over the phone though, heh.

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Arrr! I really hope you don't have tonsilitis.. -_-;; It's such a bitch, really! I went through a stint of getting tonsilitis every time the weather got chill, when I was younger. I should've gotten my tonsils taken out, but somehow I missed that one ^^;; (thank the goddess!)

Re: Tonsilitis? >_<

Nyeh, these things happen though. I'll be fine given a few days of rest.

If you're ill, you're ill. If your boss is awkward about that, then I know what I'd do...

Not exactly my point.

"Hello, GameStation."
"Hello, it's Dean. My throat's causing me problems. I can't come in tonight."
"I can't hear you. Who is this?"

I'll have to go into the shop and write it down that my throat causes me pain when I speak so I can't go in, to him.

Oh right, I see. I'm such a bimbo...

You could always download the Microsoft Text-To-Speech engine. And speak to your boss Stephen Hawking-style.

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