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This really isn't how things are meant to be. How petty things have gotten between some of my friends. And over what? Miscommunication. Well done to you.

Sometimes you can't listen to what the person's saying, and have to listen to what they're not saying. Sometimes people misread things and it causes anger that shouldn't have happened. Sometimes people can be defensive or need space without saying it, and if you don't pick up that sign you appear the villain. When nobody is at fault for anything. But it all gets horribly confusing and painful.

I used to try to jump into the middle of problems; it usually ended up in me getting hurt somehow so I guess I should keep back. Just... y'know, too many people make a decision when they're heated. They need to sleep on it. Or if they've just woken up, bathe on it. Just don't go for reactions on impulse because you can regret them so easily and cause so much unintentional hurt that it's quite scary.

I must sound like a moany old git with all this, but bah humbug to some of you. Hiding only makes it harder to come back again, deciding on something without informing someone else of your decision (who needs to know, seeing this is to do with them) causes discomfort and pain, whereas explaining at least offers finality.

I miss the way some of my friends act. You can see an element of frustration, of hurt in them. All these little arguments ready to explode at any time. It gets unpleasant when you feel like you're in a conversational minefield.

I'm really not feeling great and flies keep trying to buzz into my mouth, which I'm keeping open because my nose is blocked and breathing is difficult. But, at least I know my health will recover. Keep on acting like this and some of you are gonna lose friends and may never get them back. For some of you, fair enough, that will be the better thing to happen. But for some of you? I know for certain you've got the potential of losing someone really close to you and it'd make me feel sad if I saw such friendships dissipate like that.

Now, to bed. Apologies to the fair percent who this has nothing to do with, and I hope things work out for the best in the end, to the people who feel this may be aimed at them.

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