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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
1. Is anyone up for some Advance Wars 2 multiplayer joy? I can forward on emulators and ROMs to all whom are interested. It'd take a little while to set up and a little longer to play, but essentially the game would be played via emailing the save data onto everyone else participating.

2. The new football season means Fantasy Football leagues are commonplace. Anyone already involved in a free league with the ability to set up groups (say, a livejournal league specifically for us lot)?

3. Still feeling a bit sick, but getting better. Managed to get down the road today, which is an improvement. Sleep has been very difficult, with this hot weather, though. Ah well, if I feel better I'll try to work tomorrow. I don't think I could cope with four hours of work though.

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Is anyone up for some Advance Wars 2 multiplayer joy?


One player, two to go! :D

Oh, hm. You know, I'm not much of a strategy game buff, but I think I could do some Advance Wars 2. I'm not sure I'd be too much of a challenge for the experienced crowd, but at least I've played enough Advance Wars that I wouldn't slow you down. I suppose you'll have to give me some quick info on what's new for the sequel (although I understand it's not much).

Basically - if you find enough experienced people to join you, go ahead without me. Otherwise, give me a nudge.

Well, given that the game'd be played via email, you could take time being analytical if so desired. I think you'd also be a perfect candidate for potentially joining in.

New things... there's a NeoTank, which simply costs more than a MdTank, is far more powerful than a MdTank offensively and defensively (tanks attacking NeoTanks will usually end up 8 NeoTanks to 3 tanks, about as good as MdTanks attacking tanks).

There are pipes, also. These are basically used to slow things down. Say, having an airport hidden in an area that has a pipe around it, to make it difficult to get to - even planes can't fly over the pipes, oddly.

More COs, and superpowers.

Hm, thinking about it - I should just send you a file of the game, let you tinker around with it.

Actually, maybe going for the original Advance Wars'd be better. I can unlock all the COs that way, and then you'll be on an even keel to the rest of us, given you've played the original.

It doesn't really matter. I mean, I've played _some_ Advance Wars. I've played enough that I have some idea of how to utilize bases, the importance of territory, that sort of thing. But it's not like I've learned the ins and outs of the COs so well that I'd feel unseated against a new one.

But you know that already!

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