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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Bargain hunting for GBA owners, and more on the illness.
When you're sick, you need more rest. When you can't get to sleep because it's hot you fall asleep later. I kept waking up hot and sweaty with the nighttime temperature at 22 here, and only fell asleep at 7. I've woken up at about 3 and I feel like I've been wearing the same undergarments for weeks, except I only put them on last night. Such are the joys of hot weather.

This is apparently contesting to be the hottest day in British history (the record holder from before being 37.1 C). With warm winds coming in it's going to feel close to 41.5 C (107F) outside. So seeing I've still had giddy spells whilst sitting around in a room with a fan, working in a ridiculously hot shop with no A/C and no way to rest if I start to get giddy; I had to ask for another day off. If the temperature stays as hot as it is now, I may have to ask for Thursday off too. Fact is, given how I feel, I wouldn't trust myself being the only person working in the shop for four hours without potentially fainting at some point, heh.

Oh! And the bargains mentioned in the subject line? Tesco are having two GBA games for sale for £30, which can be knocked down to £26 with a code. So we're talking Advance Wars and Mario Advance 2 for supercheap! You'll want to look at this page: http://www.tesco.com/entertainment/gamesproduct.asp?Special=S1388,13882GBA30.htm,emptybottom.htm . You'll want the codes 2GBA30 and 4OFF30 also, to get the maximum discount.

And finally, back to Advance Wars talk. jessicapadkinJess and smiley13Smiley are both interested in the online Advance Wars game, which pleases me. I also got andvariarAndvari to have a go at the game, which he has fallen for. Once a bit of teaching is given to him (after all, trying to play against humans when you've only just picked up the game is unfair) we may attempt a match. I found cheats to unlock every CO and every map so we can try any level we desire: so there's no reason not to use the Advance Wars 2 rom for all this.

I still want to pester more people into an Advance Wars game: you have been warned.

(Note to self: maybe make an Advance Wars community for this reason; if it's not been done already?)

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I made the sad dog.

Haha, ace! I will save this.

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