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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)

Everyone else is showing something akin to this off. Difference is I kept the link looking ugly.

I sleep now. I may make the link prettier when I wake up. I doubt it.

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I flunked your quiz. I'm sorry.

Not to worry! It doesn't mean you're a failure in life.

I too must apologise for being entirely awful at your quiz. I flunked like I have never flunked before.

You've no reason to apologise.

Just cheat next time, or something.

I did quite well.
That bearded nickname thing was a trick wasn't it cos you did used to get called Che.
I think I should be at the top of the scoreboard.
How are you anyway munchkin?

Well, I got all the nicknames there at some point. I did really giggle at the time when someone said I was the guy from Jumanji, because that came before Che and it was a surprise to hear, given how often I heard Jesus or Beardy.

Besides, only Mr. Shearman said Che, and he only said it twice, so I wasn't really called it much.

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