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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
I've woken up with quite a bit of a curious situation in front of me.

I've got the house to myself tonight. This is good because I needed a quiet night alone to do stuff for myself for ages. This is bad because my sister wants me to make CDs before she goes. I informed her she could download a few songs earlier, when she came here at 9 AM. I now find 130 new tracks sitting in my download folder. Add this to the few hundred Cliff has lying around on CDs already and I'm starting to think Mr. RIAA will want to hurt me quite a lot.

Anyway, do I do these tonight or do I say sod it to them? Nothing is making me feel like doing anything bar a stopgap attempt - make a CD or two for her, say the rest didn't download.

Meanwhile! I've to leave for work in minutes. This will be the most painful bout of work possible, I feel. Eight hours in our A/Cless shop in this weather will reduce me to a gibbering mess. I'll try to take pictures of my melting, or something.

It appears to be LJ-friend trimming season. Four LJ friends taken me off their friends list in a week. Quaint, but fair. Not had a chance to talk to any of them recently, or never knew the right words to say when given the opportunity.

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Make a few CDs, and tell her you'll do the rest at a later date. I doubt she'll mind.

Hunt the RIAA back: PeerGuardian. Been using it since the first release, nice little IP address filter.

She will, if she leaves for Gibraltar and doesn't come back.

Its your evening off, take the break and enjoy it, say you'll do 'em later :P

Have a night to yourself, I'm sure you deserve it! :)

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