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Hail to the geek.

Sunday's toil. An Advance Wars community. Yes, I will continue to pimp out references to this beautiful turn-based strategy game. I know a fair few of my LJ friends would enjoy this and so must pester about it.

Also, I know I frequently get ideas started but never finish them, always finding another tangent, so setting up a community will allow pestering and the organising of an online game. As well as details being posted there about the game, etc etc.

What else for today? Phone Booth was outstanding, I'll definitely buy that from the shop when the chance comes along. Today was nice, as I said it would be. I've had a pleasant night's dinner, patched up something that could have become a problem, and generally had fun.

Tomorrow? Apparently plumbers are coming round and we're losing hot water for a few days. Which is gonna cause problems bathwise, but then an ice-cold shower sounds fun in a ridiculously quirky kind of way. Work in the evening, so I'll possibly go for a wander in the afternoon, pay off a few debts of my sister's. Well, if I can, my sister's not exactly left me with a lot of fun things. In fact, it'll be something new to worry about and remember all the time. Joyeux.

Next! Advance Wars posting, just to get some useful links up and showing for all who may check in the future.

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