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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Now I know what I was missing last week.
Work is very painful to be in. I'd like a thermometer to actually see how hot it is in here, but it feels a lot hotter than it is outside, certainly.

I feel like buying something lavish soon. I had the option of a half-decent game here for £15 but I've changed my mind about it. One thing I noticed when I took that poll was how little I played the PS2, and if it disappeared I'm not sure I'd miss it one iota.

Not that I'd sell it: just an observation. Well, maybe I'd sell it if I thought I'd get enough for it, I'll be frank. The idea of modding up an Xbox for it to be the ultimate emulation machine sounds remarkable, though, I shall be looking into this far more.

I've gone from hating the Xbox, to thinking it's okay, to never wanting one, to nearly buying one on impulse, to not loving a game exclusively on it, to this.

Solaris is playing in the shop. Can't get into it at all, it feels quite slow so far and I'm already assuming I've missed little details whilst working.

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Oh Dean, Solaris is one of those films that you *really* need to watch in silence, with no distractions, believe me! It is a very slow film, but it's also fantastic and very creepy, so it's worth watching again. :) I saw Terminator 3, btw; what a loada CRAP! As far as I'm concerned, the Terminator films finished on number 2.

And don't turn to the dark side and buy and X-Box! Nooo!

Well, I could see it wasn't bad, but I also knew it was a really atmospheric film and it'd appear awful if I kept watching it with little distractions.

But if I buy an X-Box I can chip it and play all my fantastic old games, yay! But I probably won't do this anyway.

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