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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Cool! Someone just played the race card on me!
"This PS2 you've got... how much is it?"
"Second hand, unboxed, £80. But someone's already reserved it for tomorrow."
"How about I come in for it on Friday?"
"Chances are you'll be coming in for no reason, someone has put a deposit on the console already."
"So how about you just forget about that deposit and I buy it?"
"But you don't seem to have the money until Friday, as you just mentioned you couldn't buy it until then."
"I'll give you £100 for it on Friday if I can have it now."
"Erm, I'm afraid not."
"Why not? Is it because I'm black?"
"No, it's because you're not a very good customer, who, if I remember your face - which I do - reserved a PS2 before and never picked it up. I wouldn't give you 50p on credit for a can of drink, let alone a whole console's price. Until you prove me wrong by showing me the money to buy the console, I'm afraid I can't do a thing for you."
"Meh. Well, I'll rent this then."
"Okay. I've just looked at your account and you have £25 owing on it, and you told another member of staff that you'd die before you'd give them that money... not really your day, is it?"

He skulked out, screaming profanities. Account closed.

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Haha, you soundly pwned him! Good work sir!

I know now, with first-hand knowledge, why the comic book shop guy from the Simpsons is so sarcastic and twisted; because there are so many idiots in the world who do not understand how shops work.

Ahaha! Vote 2 for Acts of Gord.

*points at Dean and screams melodramatically*


Re: Ahaha! Vote 2 for Acts of Gord.

Hate crimes? Like I'd ever do that. I mean, I don't hate one group any more than the other.

Frankly, everyone is hated. Apart from the attractive girls, or something.

Re: Ahaha! Vote 2 for Acts of Gord.

You hate ugly girls? :(

Re: Ahaha! Vote 2 for Acts of Gord.

No, it was all a joke. Haha etc.

Though I hate girls with horrible selfish personalities. One girl like that goes out with that unpleasant guy whose conversation I posted up.

Re: Ahaha! Vote 2 for Acts of Gord.

I don't recall YOU of all folk falling under the 'ugly girls' category =)

Eh, I live with one of those, really.

He was laughing because people from Ghana have been stuck in the UK for four days unable to get home, with witticisms should as "shouldn't have come here in the first place, then" and "their country doesn't want them back, then, do they?"

He annoys the hell out of me when he goes into those rants :(

*applause* Well done, sir!


I'm that man, Dean. Grr. You will pay! Unless you give me that Gitaroo Man for £2. Come on.

Haha. Now, that's a curious one to hear. To hear someone mention that excellent game makes me smile.

And I'd love to offer you that game for £2, but you decided to not leave any contact details, so I'll just have to say no this time.

Oh dear, oh dear! It's always nice to have customers like that wander in, isn't it? Was Simon or anyone in at the time? Gawd, what a stupid prat.

Hail for this is THE GORD 2!

Also, well done.

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