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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Being lazy good, quite happy being lazy, being lazy good.
Ickle Cute Thing
Note the wonderful haiku in the subject line. It took me nearly twenty seconds to think that up.

Today I wasn't lazy, though! I did an awful lot of running around. Given the heat, this really wasn't much fun but it was done. The day began well enough, I'd planned to go to Nan's to get her money from the post office over the road, and then get a bus to Enfield Town to pay off my sister's bills, which had to be paid today (yes, I do enjoy being lumbered with bills and told of it at the last minute).

I got to the bus stop that'd take me from Mum's to Nan's and waited. A bus was meant to arrive every twenty minutes but I'd been sitting there for nearly a half hour without anything. I got bored waiting and walked up to Nan's. Not one bus passed me on the trip. This waiting around meant I had to go straight into Nan's, straight over the road to pay off her bills, and straight out again, to get to Enfield Town in time. Me and nan didn't like this, I could see she wanted company and I fancied a rest, but meh, I had to sort out my sister's problems.

So after I quickly did Nan's chores I rushed to the bus stop on the other side of the road. I knew the bus I needed to get on was meant to be along at around the time I got to the bus stop, and I had to cross under the road to get to the bus stop. Anyway, as I was walking from the subway, I saw my bus just off in the distance ahead of me. I'd missed it by a half minute. But, I had one chance, and that was that another bus was behind it and just coming up to the bus stop. It was set to go a completely different direction halfway through its trip compared to where I needed to go, but I had the plan of getting on this bus, hoping it'd catch up to the other bus and switch over.

So I jump on this bus, unsure exactly where I'm headed, and sit and watch, and see the other bus in the distance for so long, but never seeing us get close enough. But at the last stop before the buses switched directions dramatically, the bus in front got stuck via traffic lights and I quickly got onto it. Everything else went through without a hitch.

I've come home to find a lot of good things have happened too. I've a very interesting but private email and a notification that one of the letters I sent on Friday was received... oh, and another member of staff at work is desperate for it, which means I can go visit Jess and he'll cover my shifts, and I can get a break before the madness will ensue when he goes on holiday for a month and someone else leaves for uni. This does equal a very pleasant day, I must say.

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Dean dawlin, why did I flee from thee?

And that is the best haiku to ever come into my presence.

I am daft. To re-add me indicates you need more daft in your life.

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