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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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This day has been ranked: B-
First (and daresay foremost, given my gibberish ramblings of the day), as a result of a nice Digi link, I shall inform you that we all need some sticky balls to play with.

The day! It started with me crawling out of bed late, and getting myself prettied-up to get to work. I did indeed get there without fainting, but wasn't impressed to find someone else was there, covering my shift. Appears everyone was meant to contact me about him needing extra hours but nobody did. However, the guy who took over my shift bought me a drink to apologise, and I can try to get half an hour's pay out of it. Every little helps. I've also been told I'm not in for Sunday. Nice to know these things.

Mind you, I can understand why this has happened. I've seemed really run down with the hot weather in that shop, and the guy taking my shifts short-term is in desperate need of money for when he goes to the US to visit a girliefriend in the beginning of September. Also, I'll need the rest before September because two new people are being employed for that month (one to cover Jason for the month and one to cover Peter, who leaves for uni) and I expect I'll be needed a lot over that month while new people get to grips with things.

Also! I brought back One Hour Photo and Insomnia for Mum to watch, from the for sale area. No use going down there without borrowing something fun. I nattered to Jess whilst Mum watched the former and watched a bit of the latter, which wasn't that bad at all, but still felt a little less than I'd hoped for. Whilst watching Insomnia I ironically picked up a migraine, though, and collapsed into bed when it finished. Only to find my body didn't want to sleep then. So I've got up for a bit, had a bath and chatted to people, but feel suitably tired to make another attempt at sleeping soon.

I'm curious over placing bets in the future. I wonder if there's bias towards getting better odds here in London than in Leicester on the Foxes surviving this year. Nothing wrong with optimism, though I can't see them scoring enough - they'll be another West Brom. And potentially stuffed in the first game of the season, I think.

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Wah, it's gonna be pretty empty in the shop with those 2 gone! D'ya know who the 2 new people ar yet? Hugh Jackman? Jason Isaacs or Viggo Mortensen perhaps? Though of course none could compare to you Dean. *grins* ;D Still workin' Saturday though? I get bored when you're not in there; need to muck around! Omigawd, are we allowed to borrow stuff from the sale section? (videos-wise)

One of the people seems Asian, looking at the name on the CV. I remember someone Asian dropping in a CV, he seemed a really nice guy, so I'm hoping it's him.

I'm still working Saturday, you can't get rid of me that easily. :) And we're not meant to borrow stuff from the sale section, but they were films lying in the second-hand section behind the shop, and are to be returned back today, so it's not like it's a major thing. After all, I'd walked up to the shop - I wasn't going home empty-handed for the cheekiness displayed.

No other ladies gonna be working in the shop? :( I remember a young guy being kinda interviewed by Simon a while back, but I dunno if he'll be in at all. :/
Ah, yay! What time be you working? Oh bugger, nevermind then...and I've seen some pretty decent films lying around there too! -_- I've successfully managed to watch the 2 films I borrowed too, so they'll be coming back with me on Saturday. :)

Don't remember seeing a female come in and drop a CV off, alas. Also Dean wouldn't like that, these people will be eventually shutting the shop up/opening up and he believes a female alone in a shop = a potential target for nasty people to attack. Which is amusing: you'd be better at beating people up than I.

I'll be working from 2-10 as usual. In two weeks I'll be off though, Jess needs visiting.

You could probably "borrow" them on Saturday if you brought them back Monday, if we had loads of them. I guess it all depends on the title, doesn't it? What ones did you want to see?

Ah I see...well I agree in a way, guys think women are easier targets. *cracks knuckles* ;)

Oh that's cool! I'm glad they're lenient in the shop about letting us have days off and stuff (I will most definitely be having the Saturday off when Return of the King comes out; I don't care if it's the weekend before Christmas!!)

Erm, I can't think of one off the top of my head, I just remember walking down there and thinking 'ooo, that looks good' kinda thing. Those shelves scare me; I swear they're gonna collapse from the amount of videos on 'em.

Guess what film me and Truds just saw on Sky? Bloody Dungeons and Dragons with the wonderful Jeremy Irons. >;D Ugh, it was just disgusting, the way he was snarling all his lines and doing over the top gestures - you'd have loved it! (and NO, we are not gonna put that on on Saturday before you say anything!)

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