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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I'm quitting the human race. It's just too stupid.
Putting "THE SHAMPOO IS NOT TO BE CONSUMED" three times on a leaflet for medicated shampoo really makes me wonder of the average IQ of the usual medicated shampoo user.

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Well, when you get shampoo that smells of lovely mint, fruit, even chocolate, its so tempting to just quirt a little and try.. Or maybe I'm just odd >_>

Well, yes. That's always been obvious, you.

I wonder what DOES actually happen after consuming the magnificent stuff...

Well, I'd wager the chemicals would reach the stomach, their chemical compounding making them very hard for the body to digest, if at all, therefore they would start to rip and tear the stomach lining to shreds.


But some of them smell so lovely! And, sometimes if you look at the ingredient, other than the soup part, they do list a lot of herbs and spices and fruits ... looks kinda edible. =D

Don't forget the label on the bottom of something which is printed "OPEN OTHER END" - I can't remember what it is now. Or the Superman costume with the label "Does not enable wearer to fly". I'd give you a link to a website full but I fear the depression of human stupidity would overwhelm you.

What about the fine hairs on your tongue? Those need to be washed you know.

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