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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Mon Dieu.
It's been well documented that it's hot in the shop I work at, through this journal. I've felt hot in this shop, felt faint in this shop... heck, I think the sore throat I've developed came from being so dehydrated in that humid shop... but I managed to see somebody faint in here tonight. They fell onto a metal rack too, gashing one of their knees open widely.

I'm a little panicky about it now, but it's ridiculous how calm I seemed during this. I helped in getting her into a recovery position before she woke, grabbed the first aid kit, applied dressing to the injury, told the girl's guardian to put pressure on the gash as she wasn't reacting well to her fainting, called 999, remembered work's address and phone number (can you do that, Asti? Simon may offer pop quizzes on this in the future, so best see if you do know), got the girl to put a cold paper towel (well, bit of toilet roll - it was all we had - professionallism ahoy!) on her head to cool her down, and all was sorted out fairly well.

Cleaning up the little patch of blood on the floor was infinitely harder for me to achieve, oddly. Not ordinarily that good with blood.

I didn't enjoy that at all. And it won't change Dean's opinion about the humidity of the shop, I reckon. I mean, Simon knows it gets too hot, but the odds of Dean spending money on A/C are so low they're negative.

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Omigod! Well it was bound to happen though (although I'd have thought it'd've happened to one of us lot!) Well done to you for being so calm and good thinking. Remember the work's number?! I can't even remember my own mobile number! In saying that, I have the work number in my mobile, which I always have on me, so that's something I suppose. :/ I certainly don't know the address though....

Oh, checked your new post above - new guy in on Saturday, eh? So that means there's gonna be you, me, Simon and new guy? Not too busy then, ahem. ;) I keep getting this feeling they're gonna get rid of me at work, since I only do Saturdays and the occasional other day. O.o

... health and safety?

I think air conditioning is needed in that shop, not a luxury.



Stating the obvious is one thing. Explaining the obvious to a man who likes to keep his money in his pocket, is another thing.

What if the customer who fell found out about the heat conditions of the store, and threatened legal action against the owner? In today's shitty society of "sue sue sue" and "claim claim claim" that could theoretically happen . . .

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