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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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"Carrots of the Parabbean."
Astrid Castle, I love you for creating the best mess-up ever.

And it's a better name than the original too!

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Hahahahah! That is definetely going on my site! The fool!!!

Aww, I knew you'd admire that one. She said you made an awful attempt at saying it, and told me she'd never do worse.

Then she said that. Hohoho.

I said Cirates of the Parribean, but I was *joking* when I said it!!!! :P Asti says she bought you popcorn today, so "less of the cheek"...... although she then says you got her that Tomb Raider "purse" out of the window, so......

Yeah, right, you were joking! :P

And she did buy me popcorn, it's another reason why I said I loved her in the comment :)

Purse? Who the heck said that? It's a wallet. A poor-quality wallet, but a wallet nonetheless.

I was though, honestly! :P I copy my dad a lot (he's always swapping around letters with words, on *purpose*!!).

Heh, she corrected herself saying wallet, but Ast said "purse" the first time ;)

I mean who wants to go see a film with the subtitle "The Curse Of The Black Pearl"? :)


Aaahhh, don't be so cheeky! ;) I, er, 'intended' to say that, ahem. And I don't have a clue what Truds is on about when she says 'purse', in fact yes, it was the Vile One that said it! ;D

Oh, Astrid Castle is a person! Well, that makes more sense. I thought it was a movie theater or something. Not that I know of any theaters that call themselves castles, but.

*Laughs* Omigod, I've never heard *that* one before! That's fantastic! ;D Well, I like to think I'm a person, anyway. Or maybe I'm like Fiddler's Green from the Sandman comics. ;)

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