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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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For the sake of Trudi and Astrid:
Ickle Cute Thing
CONCISE REVIEW: Film was great despite corset joke; needed more carrots and Jeremy Irons.

Update: My goodness, as soon as I've got home I've lost all energy. Maybe it was because I had so much fun there, but I'm drained. And honestly, a little low. After such a great time around several people I felt comfortable with (though truth be told, I still felt I curbed myself often, and need to get used to your friends more - or even remember their names) I can only assume I'm low because the last time I felt that comfortable around several people was the last time I saw a film with you.

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Hehe, glad you liked it Dean! (ugh, wasn't that corset 'joke' awful?) "I'm Jack Sparrow!" Ok, well that explains everything then. ;)

You've gotta come to the cinema with us more often then! I can tell that you and David would most definitely get on (the guy sitting next to me) Errol's the tall guy, and Yit's the other, and then there's Mariane. :) You'll have to meet John and Louse though; I *know* you'll find John funny! :) If you want, I can let you know whenever we're going to the cinema (but believe me, it's often!) and you can join us if you want, though we often watch a lot of crap we wouldn't normally watch purely cos of the UGC cards. The more the merrier!

I had a chat with David while you were all in the loos, we were having a fun conversation about the people in the cinema moaning about bins. I know he seemed cool. Mariane seemed like a really nice person too. Heck, as soon as I saw the Donnie Darko top I knew she'd be great.

I realised I've money to spend and was trying to find something priced at around £50-£100 to splash out on; I need an indulgence. So maybe if I had the reason to go up to the UGC more, I'd get a card for there, definitely. :)

Do I need to fill out any fancy forms? I notice you needed a picture taken.

Oh, I think a UGC card would be a great idea! (best thing I've ever bought, believe me) Think of it this way - to see a film, it's £6. So say you saw 2 films in a month, you've already paid £12, and it's £9.99 a month with the card. And if you come to this cinema with us, you'll be seeing more than 2 films a month! (honestly, that place is like our second home ;) But it's up to you; I mean, we often see 2 films in a day, nevermind a month, but that's cos we're sad. ;D Not everyday though! Bloody hell, there's not enough films or time! (and of course we have lives ;)

Yep, you do need to fill out a form (just basic stuff) and you'll need 2 passport photos; 1 that gets sent off with the form, and the other is used for a temporary card you get there and then.

Well, that's sounding good to me, then. I'll have to definitely look into getting that card, especially with the good news SI want me back for a bit of testing in October. I'll have a bit more cash to spend/waste on expensive popcorn, drinks and such. :D

I'll be in on weekends while I'm off at SI though; you're not getting away from me. ;)

I'm gonna have to get some passport photos taken, though. I've only got one left. Do they ask for the £120 there and then? I'll have to take my debit card with me.

It would be cool if ya got a UGC card, but don't go bowing down to peer pressure if you don't wanna ;)

Well when I went to sign up, I only brought one photo with me (cos I was an idiot). They can take a photo of you there and then (some idiot stands behind you with a white board, and other people in there just stand around and watch, tch). I advise you to bring along 2 photos. I'm not sure how it goes about paying, we just paid all the money there and then......

I would like to visit your friends more. Alas, that'd mean they'd have to suffer me and my geekish nature more, bwahahaha.

Nobody else would use a GBA to look for 10p, would they? ;)

I've cash in the bank to pay in one go, that's easy enough, certainly. I'm gonna consider this, definitely. May leave it until post-October, seeing I'll be busy for a month then. I'll still come up and watch a few films before then, though... :)

Hey, that 10p could so easily have been a pound. ;D And the light was pretty good too; I didn't wanna go running my hands across that scummy floor. O_o October would be a good time to get a card, considering from then on we're getting a lot of good films coming out in the cinema. :)

I'll definitely have to get it one day in late October then. I'll have cash in the bank to do something rash like that, too! :D

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