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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Links and schtuff.
http://www.aowz68.dsl.pipex.com/cartoons/index.shtml - Old shows? Lots of old shows? It's just pure joy in a website.

Car Number Plate Spotting was at a standstill at 10, but now I'm up to 13, huzzah! I've found it's easier to play a variant of the game, though - Car Letter Plate Spotting! You go through looking for A to Z (excluding Q, only rare odd machines have that) on cars, alphabetically. It's far easier; you can usually complete this in about 5 to 10 minutes. It's a game for the CNPS novice, to get into the whole euphoria of number plate spotting.

Had to train up the new kid, Shabbir, tonight at the shop. He has been tainted and shown the dark side. He also explained he was still looking around to see if a better job could come along. Oh, this could blow up in Simon's and Dean's face.

Last, I tried to buy an orange GBA with an Afterburner in recently. However, it's arrived today and is in a poor condition. At least the person I tried to buy this from is very amicable, but then as long as I get the majority of the cash back for all this hassle, I'll be okay with it.

Update: I fancy this chair.

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So he did a real bodge on the Afterburner fitting?
And that chair is well uncomfortable. You'd be better off with a decent one with high back. Like these.

No, he got it from Lik-Sang, it was a great fitting. He just did something vile to the screen since he bought it, like running it over, given the marks.

Well, anything'd do, it's just that chair was £35 and I'm supercheap!

I'm sitting in a chair rather like that right now, and it's perfectly comfortable to me. Perhaps my spine has just been bent into a freakish shape by a lifetime of sitting in front of a computer. I find that so-called 'posture enhancing' chairs just hurt.

The chair is great. Don't buy it if you've got a small room, though - it's huge.

And - Sharky and Geroge videos! OMG!!!! That site is bookmarked.

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