Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Twenty minute typing.

I decided I wanted to write something, but have no idea what or why. To prevent this from becoming scarily long, I am gonna stop myself after twenty minutes no matter what.

So what's on my mind? Well, mainly - how am I so good with money? I'm earning less than Jess and I guess I spend a fair bit on little luxuries (dunno if it's more than Jess), but I'm managing to amass money in the bank quicker than she is.

I think the main thing is I really don't like to spend money unless I see a reason for it. I can see three things on ebay I really like, would really fit in well here, but for the three I'd be looking at spending £150+. And in a way, that amount sounds completely fair, all the items are cool and I'd feel happy with them.
And then I can look at a chocolate bar at 30p and think it's a waste of money and not want it. It's strange how my mind perceives luxuries.

Six minutes so far.

But these items - if I break down the items. One's at £40 already, I can't see it selling for less than £70. And I know given its rareness it would be loved. I would wear it, I would feel proud in it, the idiom of feeling like a million dollars could be true. Sometimes little things can make me feel so much better about me, but I fear buying this could end up with me strutting around in happiness. Like a prat, maybe. But I'd be strutting too much to care.

One of the other items - only really curious about it because it's pretty. Could sell for £50, isn't anywhere near a necessity, but my goodness, I like it and know I'd enjoy it. The other one's nothing incredible, could go for £30, was quite nice but not my type of thing. I'm not a denim person as is (I should buy some jeans, too... this post is heavily consumer-based, so far, isn't it?) and a denim top + me = wrong. Actually, I guess I wouldn't buy that. Scratch the £150 thing down to £120, then.

Actually, if I write down all the things I've seen that I've desired, the list goes as follows:

Sly Raccoon, PS2, can be obtained for £12.
Afterburnt GBA, can be obtained for approx. £50-60.
Sonic 2 Bomber Jacket, can be obtained for £70+, I'll wager.
Nice luxurious leather chair, can be obtained for £35.

(Jeans aren't on this list as I don't have a particular idea how much they'd cost, nor really need them)

Of these, none are important. Sly Raccoon is just intriguing but I've lots of games. My chair as of now isn't too bad, I have a GBA already (but wanted to get Jess something nice) and the Bomber Jacket is the only thing that is unique, cool and what I personally desire right now.

Will I bid for it, though? I'm not actually sure. A part of me laughs at the idea of it. And there's a part of me laughing at the part of me laughing at the idea.

Fifteen minutes.

One thing in my life that has declined with the internet is my knowledge of poor music. So much of it is peurile and it's very easy to ignore the music industry and just pick at certain artists that intrigue you, and that's nice. I have no idea what's in the music charts any more and like it.

Besides, Luke Vibert's I Hear The Drummer is never going to get into the charts.

I'm not sure where I find new music nowadays, though. LJ friends' recommendations, random adverts... Weebl and Bob. Hm.

I'm not going to amend this post. I always do that, write something, then psychoanalyse it and amend it to pieces and spend longer reviewing what I've written than writing. Not this time, haha!

I still feel like typing, but it's nearly twenty minutes. Hohum, that'll teach me to set deadlines on myself.

Update: I edited it. I LOSE.

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