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Typing typing nonsense.

Moths bad. Moths that try to attack me worse. Moths that try to fly into my mouth are just so dead.

Radiohead has been playing tonight. Sit Down, Stand Up is a good song, but I can never seem to count down how many times the rain drops. It ranges from 44 to 48 for some reason, but then I always start to think of other things whilst listening and losing concentration. Apparently, it's 46. Apparently.

My mind will not rest. It is all over the place. It was discussing the viability of a person playing with draughts pieces defeating a person playing with chess pieces, until I remembered one bishop will always be on an incorrect colour to the draughts pieces. Still, until my mind stops it's being considered.

I have so many notepads. I love the ability to write, but alas with paper you can always lose it all. Your memories, your stories, theories... your life... could be gone in seconds. But then that's just like how a computer can erase all your data... it's strange. So much of our lives involve things we take for granted, that we could lose in an instant.

I feel like I have some popcorn stuck in my throat. This is quite unpleasant, but it'll pass. Probably won't stop my cough from being irritated further, though.

Dawn looks nice today. I shall enjoy the sleep I eventually get.

Babbling is infectious. You see one start it, you realise "Hey! I remember when I used to think like that, when did I begin to structure myself so, did I make this journal accessible for all?" I remember when my journal was a hodgepodge of personalness, and now it feels dumbed down to a lowest common denominator at times. Which is fortunate as oft that may well be myself a few days later wondering what the hell I was on about.

I always thought Knives Out sounds like a reversed Paranoid Android. It feels so false, yet seems so nice. It's the equivalent of squirty cream in a can.

Kittens are strange creatures. They like to sit on keyboards sometimes. Why? It's not exactly what I'd consider comfortable. I say they're passing messages onto criminal masterminds, who interpret their cries of "================]]errrrrrrftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttkllllll
)YYYYYYY0999999\" into something evil and devilish, like "I have stolen all the haddock in Kidderminster."

I apparently read "This user is online" as "This user is urine". Is that a sign I should shut up and go to sleep? Of course it is!

...yeah, okay. I will now.

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