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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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What I need to do/would like to do:
Need to do:
Package up the scuffed-up GBA, send it back to Holland all insured-like to get a refund.
Put the majority of the money I have in my wallet in a letter for Huddersfield, so I can get that nice Sonic jacket quicker, and send that letter off all insured-like, too.

Yes, I was in two minds about that jacket as you saw by the poll, but for £50 I'm happy with it. So yeah, it wasn't worth £70+.

Would like to do:
Get out some money to afford to go to the cinema.
Call Asti before 10:50, preferably to meet up with her and watch a filum. Maybe watch a second with them all, depending on how much cash I have left on me.

Was planning to do, but have decided against:
Get some passport photos of me taken.
Use these to get a UGC cinema card.

This has been decided against because it costs a lot and I've just bought my indulgence in that jacket.

This was a very dull post. I respond thusly: tough.

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I want that jacket!!!!


Should have had passport photos taken. =D

You know I'd've bid £52 for it if the auction was still going.

You'd have lost, then. My maximum bid was £67.

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