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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Barcode Simplicity
I wanted to go with friends to the cinema. Instead I overslept and then Nan called up and needed me to visit her. Ah well, I can always go to the cinema another time, just a pain I forgot to take Asti's phone number so I could tell her why I wasn't able to get to the cinema.

I managed to sort out sending back the GBA and paying for the Sonic jacket today, so that was something, at least.

Update: No I didn't. I cocked up. I appear to have left Puyo Pop in the GBA, when I sent it away. I'm incredibly great, me! Still, I've informed the guy who I'm getting a refund from, he laughed about it but will return it.

Er, now all I have to do is hope I did actually leave the game in the GBA.

Off to Nan's again tonight - that'll be nice. I'm gonna sell that copy of Golden Sun 2 I've not been able to get into at all, as well.

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You're too late, alas. Mind you, given what you offered for some DC titles of mine, I probably did better selling it to the games shop.

Oh tis a shame you couldn't make it Dean. But you know, that's what alarm clocks are for :P I set my alarm on my mobile this morning, otherwise I would never have got up. Tis a shame, cos John and Louse rarely go to the cinema......
Tomb Raider 2 was embarressingly RUBBISH!

No, it's what working batteries in alarm clocks are for. I woke up at 10, the alarm clock said it was 7.

Tomb Raider 2 was embarressingly RUBBISH!

Did her breasts look good, though? I mean, that's the main point of the film, isn't it?

I would say so, yes. They stuck out a few miles from her body after all, is that a good thing for you males? ;)

Not really. I mean, how would you hug her? You'd not be able to get close with those bloody things in the way.

True.....then again, you could always hug her from behind ;)

I have an alarm clock. It sits to the left of my bed.

Trouble is, it's had no batteries in it for over a year now. It just sits there, LCD never illuminated.

If anyone wants it, I'm selling it for £899.99.

Well, at least it wasn't *aroused*.

But yes, another English colloquialism for messed up. We do that a lot, we think of special words to show it.

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