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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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THIS: A little, but it'll feel like a lot.

I'll wake up nice and early (haha!) and get to Nan's, going over the road for her and doing random chores and such. I can lounge up there for a bit, which is nice. I'll have to look for a bag of some sort while there, too. Then I'll get on a bus into Enfield Town, get a little money out so I can afford to get to Leicester and get to Jess' home and stuff. On the way home I have to pass the games shop to get paid for tonight's work.

Then I can get home, and start packing stuff up, invariably forgetting to pack several things (to remember them in the morning). I'll have to call Bill and remind him to help me get to St Pancras (we'll both need to put a fair bit of strength into getting that Xbox onto the train).

Of course, this doesn't sound like much. You wait and see how much of a palava this will become tomorrow night, when I post about how badly the day's gone!

In other news: I'm better than you. This is actually probably not true, but I have several packets of McCoy's and so it gives an ego boost.