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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Vibri marches onwards!
I'll be home soon. I've had a lot of fun here but alas I'll be working more than usual when I return. Not sure I'm gonna enjoy that, but I shrug at this until I know how much work I'll be taking on.

Been going on a fair few walks while I've been here, I enjoy walking and exploring around Leicester and Wigston - odd for someone who manages to get lost easily.

I'm gonna keep this post short, don't want to bore you. Just gonna read my friends page and then retire to bed. I've only one more chance to go to Leicester before I leave so I wanna get up early and find summat nice for Jess.

Update: Oh, and basically the week has involved a stable diet of watching Jess play the Xbox and Takeshi's Castle.

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Glad you're having fun. :D

Ah! Takeshi's Castle! Truds and me are always watching that; gawd, isn't it ridiculous? I absolutely love the one where they have to run through the kinda maze thing with the guys chasing the contestants (gives me nightmares!) Or the one where they have to run on stepping stones across the pond. ;D But I think the final round is actually the most boring (those 'tank' things) they could've done so much more....*end rambling*

I saw a later series of Takeshi's Castle while I was at Jess'. Instead of squirting water at paper they use funky laz0r skillz! And they had a guy in an aeroplane for some reason, too.

I think Jess was a little scared by my enjoying Takeshi's Castle too much.

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