Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Post-visit post.

This is where I ramble on for a while.

The trip itself was very nice. Jess certainly enjoyed the Xbox and fell in love with Jet Set Radio Future swiftly. To continue with the games talk, I completed the GBA Link to the Past while I was there, with the 0 deaths score I'd tried to attain throughout playing (I remembered the SNES version showed how many times I'd got to the Game Over screen after completing the game, so had to try to aim for 0 this time through.) I can't wait to see the new area opened up, that's for sure. I'll need to play more multiplayer for that to happen, though, heh.

I finally watched Amelie while I was there and really enjoyed it. I saw The Elephant Man too, and found that interesting. Me, Jess and her siblings also went to the local cinema to watch Terminator 3. It was okay, but resulted in lots of fun banter about Rainier Wolfcastle, and how a McBain film really does need to be made.

Oddly, I didn't acquire anything while there. Nothing stood out as being worth purchasing. I think this got Jess a little upset - she assumed that because I didn't buy anything I didn't enjoy the excursions outside with her. Still, all this was sorted out and her paranoia quashed, I hope. The big spending was made before the trip in buying that Sonic jacket, anyway.

So I returned to Enfield, all happy and refreshed after a lovely time up in Leicester. And I come home to see Mum's redecorated this room. It used to be a pastel blue and the carpet an unpleasant green-grey but it's now changed to a vibrant orange and creamy colour on the walls, and the carpet's a burgundy. All very nice and summery, which is a nice change to have.

Little things of interest include managing to attain 83 pieces of spam in the last six days while I've been away, which is a pain in the neck, I used to seldom pick up spam at all. I may need to get a new e-mail address or sort out proper spam filters or summat. Oh, and I failed to get any further with the CNPS, which was a pain - I didn't see 13 once, but saw 14 and 16. Pfft.

Today I've forced myself to write this up and rewired up the consoles (while they redecorated well, Mum and Cliff had no idea how to connect the games consoles back up) and I have to go to Nan's to get her money out from the post office, and then I need to get to Barclays and put a cheque into the bank, and talk to someone at work regarding broadband connections and maybe help Cliff and Mum connect a PC up, and make CDs for Cliff and Grandad, and look on for flight prices to Memphis for Mum, and go shopping because most of my snacky items have gone off - Edam cheese should not be green. And shave and bathe.

That's the only problem with going away, lots of things always mount up for my return. Still, I'm happy and things will work out.

Update: They did too. No work until Saturday, hoho!

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