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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner...
...that I seem to get myself into positions that require an intense level of concentration, that can also cause a ridiculous level of stress in my life.

Tomorrow I must now go out of my way to help an idiot sort out his computer. He needs Nero installed, Musicmatch re-installed, I need to teach him and his sister how to burn CDs and I need to find a rom.

Note #1: Any of you know where I could find the rom Spiderman - Maximum Carnage for SNES or Genesis?
(thanks, radiodave!)

Quite frankly, this will be hell because so much will go wrong and I will grow annoyed before I resolve this. I don't know why I said I'd do it...

Oh yes, I do - it's because I'm currently being shafted at work, and he may at least pay me for helping him out. He suggested he would, but I wager something'll occur and he won't. Anyway, someone's stolen half of my work schedule over weekdays so I'm down to 12 hours a week for this fortnight. This does not impress me, given if it wasn't for my frequent visits to the shop I'd not have known of this. I'd have gone into work tonight and found I'd be walking home again. Now, fair enough, a rest is fine. Lets me play games and whatnot. Calm before the storm and all that... except, I now need money because...

...Mum has got a county court summons for a bill backdated two years ago. I've had to elect to pay this bill off because nobody else has money, and I assumed I'd be working so the dent into my bank account wouldn't be exceptionally severe. So that's any indulgences off the agenda for the near future, and a pleasant £270 to go out of my bank account.

The list of things I needed to do yesterday were put on hold for writing to Lynne - my friends mean a lot to me. Of course, this bill does mean the offer to help her financially could become more of a burden than I'd like, but I'm good to my word if she needs help. So in the near future I still need to do the things my family requested. Oh, and go shopping. I'm living on crisps right now. I might go at midnight. It's time where I do nothing but chat but...

...all of this leaves my mind ticking over rapidly. And when I'm in an intense mood, I'm really not able to converse well at all. Apologies therefore to the people who tried to pester me tonight, who I may have snapped at.

I'm going to go have a bath. It'll force me to relax somewhat.

When I'm intense I also do things so much better. I'm typing around 50-60 WPM right now without mistakes, I'd say. It's only when I begin to cool down and calm, that I get to about 40 at best, with errors strewn all over the place. Odd, that. It's like untapped potential: another gear I've yet to find out how to get to properly. It's pleasing to know it's in me, at least, even if I can't get to it all the time.

So maybe that's why I get stressed. It makes me a more efficient person when I am. Doesn't sound right, though, enjoying stressful situations to improve myself...

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Ah, those links don't appear to be working. Sorry.

Thanks. If nothing else, this will satiate the idiot tomorrow.

What happened to Note #2? :-)

And no problem with the SNES ROM ventralatrix disenfodulator.

Note #2 was gonna be an update about what I bought down the shops.


that's all I've got

except, the 14-issue comic book version sucked hard.

PS - it's spelled SPIDER-MAN. with a HYPHEN. even though AOL mail corrects it to "Spiderman". AOL is WRONG.

Also frames four and five of your new icon look very Affleck-esque while frame seven scarily resembles Iain Lee.

Altogether now:

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner,
That I love London so.
Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner
That I think of her wherever I go.
I get a funny feeling inside of me
Just walking up and down.
Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner
That I love London Town.

Oh yeah!

Well, you know the lyrics better than I.

Should that be ALL TOGETHER?
I don't deserve to get my degree!

So maybe that's why I get stressed. It makes me a more efficient person when I am. Doesn't sound right, though, enjoying stressful situations to improve myself...

That's the American way!

A brief biology note:

Although it's come to be wholly negative, stress is not always a bad thing. Let me revise that - amongst most organisms that have reactions, stress is crucial to survival. Stress is merely the body's way of kicking into overdrive to overcome a problem.

Zebra sees predator, and "gets stressed." That is to say, its body starts functioning at an unmaintainable rate, mainly in terms of burning off fuels. If the zebra doesn't do this, it's dead. So let's say the zebra puts stress on its body and survives. From there, it can cool down and recover.

The difference between zebras and humans (besides the extra legs, stripey skin, etc.) is that zebra do not continue to stress about past events. With the crisis over, the zebra can rest. A human, on the other hand, can fret and fuss over a, say, a calculus test for days before it happens and days afterwards. And if said human gets a poor score, they might continue to stress out about the class. It's unmaintainable, and it eventually leads to problems. Stay stressed for too long, and eventually your body is going to be forced to shut down in a major way to recover.

But over short periods of time, a little stress is not only not harmful, but actually healthy. Some stress now and then kicks your immune system into high gear, keeping you healthy. And, certainly, you couldn't be as good at sports if you didn't get that adrenline rush (again, unmaintainable over days and days, but fine in short bursts).

That being said, it's up to you to determine whether you're putting too much stress on yourself. Doesn't sound like it from here, but I'm no biopsychologist.


....nor will I ever be.

....I, personally, am hungry.

That wasn't very brief at all.

But it was interesting. Trés bien, you!

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