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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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This is a wonderful hobby from Simon Quinlank, entitled the Christian Church Crawl Hobby.

This is why Fist of Fun amused me so. It's a bit bandwidth-heavy as it involves two big pictures, so it's LJ-cut.

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that was insanely funny.
thanks for sharing.

Well, if one person found it amusing, at least, I'm glad I did share.

Nice to meet you, by the way. I assume you found the journal at random?

i found it plenty amusing

yeah. i'm sorry. i should have said that.
i'm in love with the latests posts page

Re: i found it plenty amusing

Ah, don't be sorry. I'm usually awful with assumptions so I'm glad I'm right for a change.

"I am still the Jesus-eating king"

Absolute genius. No other words for it.

I'd forgotten how good Fist of Fun was. Thankfully, I have the first series on MPG now. You really should get SoulSeek, Dean.

The second series was godly. Especially the finalé.

The fake Rod Hull gets ousted by the real one, who then demands his jelly because Rod Hull luuuurves jelly!

SoulSeek? Never heard of it but it sounds interesting. Can you explain further?

Awesome! :) That deranged pic isn't you is it?

No, it's some guy from Radiohead. Though since seeing it I want to make my own version of it. Problem is, for being a manic weirdo, I can't pull off the manic grin at all well.

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