Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Up late again!

Pourquoi? Lots of things to download and watch and listen to. Well, and because I'm a fool of the highest order.

Tonight I've watched most of Garbage's videos from their version 2.0 album from their website, Phil's pointed out a trailer to the third season of 24, I keep singing along to Hail To The Thief songs with the volume up very loud on these headphones. Then there's the ridiculously fun optical illusions I've been browsing, Though, it's really not clever to look at those while tired.

I have to figure out which faux Rod Hull icon I wish to use for the fifteenth icon. Quite frankly, I need an icon showing off Kevin Eldon, and Rod Hull was the one of the funniest of the characters he's been. Shame the Mr. Hull himself died after falling off the roof, while adjusting his aerial. Apparently Rod Hull was gonna be in TMWRNJ until that happened. Ah well. The jelly exploits can be imagined well enough.

Someone called me crazy today.

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