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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Promising day so far:
Woke up at a sane time, went around Enfield Town and did everything I needed to. And I've got an extra hour of work today from it, a nice Dark Chronicles poster. Oh, and Asti, I got a t-shirt for John for you to pass on.

This evening I will be having to test faulty games, and work will be fun, I can sense it already.

(Update on this: I just had to play Resident Evil Zero for a bit. Which is a type of game I suck at. I had to check if the game froze when I died, which was quite good because I was expecting to die very quickly.)

However, the day wasn't all sunshine. At about 6:50 a few Irish-sounding teens enquire about a PS2. Fair enough. Then they ask if they can look at the console. Odd request, it's in the box and the box is sealed. Then they ask for the box. No, it's not to be stolen. Then he's asked me to back away and let him take the console. Er, no. I'm a "brave lad" and he'll get "more people soon".

The odd thing is, he said this whilst also slating me because I didn't agree to the customer's demands. Actually, I did come out with quite a good line, all considering, by stating customers usually show a sign of paying.

Anyway, I'm a marked man! If you don't hear from me again, they've evidently come back to give me a good kicking in, huzzah.

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Oh thanks a lot Dean; John'll be thrilled! :D

Omigod, I can't believe those guys did that. Well, actually I can, considering the stupidity and cheek of most Enfield people. ¬_¬ Was anyone else in with you at the time? I hope it's all on camera, so we can tell those guys to bugger off next time they come in.

Well, that's life. Nobody else was here, one of the guys was guarding the door for that reason. I called Simon, he said to call 999. I called 999, they told me off for calling an emergency line and gave me the local station.

It'll be on CCTV, but next time they come in may be later on this evening. I have a bottle of coke to weild, just in case. *cough*

That bloody Mikhael woman just came in, we've lost her videos, she says. Whilst she loses her kids around the shop again.

See, this is why I'd *never* work in there on my own. I don't think any of you guys should work in there alone, no matter how quiet it can get. There's so many expensive things in that shop, and if a group of people came in to nick stuff, 1 person's not gonna be much good. :/ Leave the bottle in the freezer so it gets all iced up! If that fails, you can always hurl yourself over the counter and flail madly at them. ;D Flailing is good.

Ohno, not her! *makes cross sign* 'We've' lost them?! How does she work that one out?

Flailing is all I can do. I don't know why he didn't make a move there and then. I'm not exactly built like I could take on a bunch of people who are more desperate to steal the machine than I am to keep it.

And Simon put them in a bag, and she put them in the car, and when she got out of the car and went in and left the kids alone with the videos she can't find them! So instead of checking if any of the kids had taken it, she stormed down here first.


Working as a camp counselor was intolerable, but at least the kids were familiar with the concept of logic.

Well, that's not true. The little badwords had no concept of short-term memory ("Don't touch the tennis rackets. No one touch the tennis rackets. Havi, put down the tennis racket. Jamie, put down the tennis racket. NO one touch the tennis rackets. HAVI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"), couldn't dress themselves, and tended to be extensively spoiled (After losing a game of dodgeball, one child remarked, "My daddy will buy the camp, and he'll cut it down!"). And, of course, I had to deal with a dozen of them all day long.

Still, in some ways, your job sounds more frustrating.

There are certain people that you know will be annoying. Ms Mikhail seems to be annoying, because she'll:

a) walk in smoking a joint, telling her the shop is a "No Smoking" area would cause her to react with a "whaaaaaat?"
b) walk in with kids who run around the shop, into each other, into walls.
c) return films in the wrong boxes.

Oh! Y'know, the Enfield Town Game are asking for Christmas jobs right now. Hmmm.

You do seem to provide a bit of a conundrum.

I will attempt to obtain that book. Thanks for mentioning it.

I suspect obtaining books from namesakes would be a little more difficult for you?

I'll try again. Clearly, it Wasn't My Time before.


Wait, does your store have security cameras? Ones that pick up sound? You might want to point this out to them if they do come back.

It has three cameras, with sound picked up on all of them. I listened to the CCTV before I left. You can hear his quips and insults and I remained way too British and civil about it. When he told me to pass over the box I replied with a "No, thank you." and when he left angry that he couldn't steal the machine I replied with an "I'm sorry."

Sounds about right. I've done the same thing - "I'm really sorry, but your bass woke me up, and I have to get up early tomorrow. I hate to bother you like this..."

I wonder - if you build a bomb that looks like a PS2 which is then stolen from you, are you responsible for the thief's well-being? Hm.

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