Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

I woke up at a sane time. Well, not really sane given most of you work in the morning or are going to school. But you guys know me well enough to know me waking up before noon is seen as mildly impressive. Of course, I didn't do much in those hours I was awake bar watch TV, but eventually I went up to Nan's and went over to the post office with her.

After that I got home and saw Katy worried about something. And I was not having that. The phone bill won't like me for what I did next, but I called her for about 80 minutes just babbling and cheering her up. I didn't think an LJ comment would really say what I wanted to, so pestering her on the phone instead sounded better. Katy was one of the first people who was there for me when I first managed to get the internet in this place, so she knows I'm always gonna be there to pester her.

I keep biting my lip. I usually only do this when stressed, but I have no reason to be. Life is good here, bar a stomach problem.

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