Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

The end of the MiSung relationship.

I'd felt depressed about how I found MiSung had found someone who'd lived far closer to her than I, and she'd flirted with them quite a lot, a short time before I finally got over there to say hello to her.

It was a good thing, really, we'd not have got on in person. I was deluding myself with feelings for her, and it was lust more than anything, certainly not worth travelling half the world for. I was just flattered she cared so much and seemed to reciprocate the emotions she offered back, even though fundamental things about us meant we'd have been a disaster in person. Still, I was new to internet relationships and matured a fair bit from that moment.

I was left with a lot of money, but feeling upset with how Mum was forcing me towards something I didn't want to do (and still being too timid to tell her this was something I hated the sound of) I wanted to travel desperately, still.

This ended up being a bad thing to desire.

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