Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

LIE 0.

After kt_coopeKaty was given a good talking to, I began to sort out other things. I ordered a pizza to eat during the football tonight. I ordered it from a new place just because I fancied a change. A good idea with a stomachache, given this could make things far worse? Probably not, but you don't know until you try.

Mum took the complimentary garlic bread and coleslaw and fell in love with the place I bought from. I imagine she'll be ordering from there a few times now. This new place remembered to take off the tomato puree after I bluntly told them to, and I enjoyed the pizza quite a lot. My stomach will probably hate me in the morning for having something completely different, when not feeling at its best.

Anyway, as soon as the pizza arrived heart_shhBrit asked if I wanted to be called by her. The simple answer to this is yes, it's always fun to talk to her. However, every little thing kept getting in the way here, and when she eventually called the phones were playing up and we never really got to talk for very long. Still, was fun while it lasted.

During the problems, I talked to cj_sparxCJ and had shazi appear online and tell me she's in London for a bit tomorrow. With this news it's made me want to travel into London and meet her. I want to go pick up Dark Chronicles somewhere and maybe look in a few shops around London, depending on how things go in terms of meeting her. It all depends on how early I wake up, and if I can think of where I need to go.

If I do go into London there are a few places I fancied going. It's just... remembering where. And of course, given how I usually struggle to wake up early, I'd best get to sleep as early as possible to try to aid meeting her.


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