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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Whilst being written for males (the plethora of links towards girls proving this quite easily) there are sometimes some lovely links on this page.

Included this time:
How to build a model aircraft using flies as the engines.
The next silly thing selling on ebay.
The MultiBabel: proving how bad translation sites really are.
The Dolphin Stress Test.
The funnier side of hacking.

Yes. There should be a post of substance on here, but tough. Still, send me some comments (possibly after putting them through the MultiBabel!)

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For shutdowns with the thing to the interior of the hour of the fact, of windows XP Ebay OH the needle and of their attempts of the sustenation of being in exact I finishes. Who benefits from stupid from moneies therefore this '? Why it is?

Original Post:
I was looking at that Windows XP folder on Ebay just this morning, in fact. Why are idiots bidding so much money?!

Well, they're all fake accounts with 0 feedback, so nobody's actively bidding. I hope.

It is in good particular return 0? Which and the increases that directly cook to be cleared the value, imitation, of that describes that, everything has, is. The configurations of the five are he are characteristic, the end to respect.

That fly thing is absolutely the best thing I have ever seen.

I will try it, oh yes.

Bastard flies deserve hell.

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