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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ickle Cute Thing
Only working 6-9 tonight, to compensate for the fact I worked five hours on Tuesday. I bought a copy of a special Edge (with Vib Ribbon cover, huzzah!) and Dark Chronicle, and that'll keep me content, even if that's the majority of this week's wage gone there and then. Still, I'll be a happy chap with this, and that's all that matters.

One hour's gone already. When you're only working three hours the time seems to fly by ridiculously swiftly. Not that I mind. I've got to get home early to walk Harry (poor sod's been feeling bad), watch QI (BBC2, 10 PM, LOOKS TO BE BRILLIANT. WATCH IT. I WILL MAKE A FUSS OF THIS.) and play Dark Chronicle until my head cannot deal with being awake any longer. Yeah, that sounds like a good night.

Oh! And I'll have reheated pizza waiting for me when I get home! The culinary skills are to be feared, people.

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Just so you know, they amazingly made a second series of Dare to Believe. It's on at 1:25am Friday/Saturday. I r excited.

Excellent. Prime time viewing for people like me!

Special Edge with Vib Ribbon cover?! I want! What's inside it?

Well, it's a celebration that Edge is 10. So on the cover Vibri is going over a block and is on his way to a circle; showing off a 10.

The issue is what you'd expect of an anniversary, a lot of pleasant retro stuff mentioned, to be honest.

QI is anything but brilliant. It lacks originality (which News Quiz and I'm Sorry I HAven't A Clue can at least claim), any comedy is strangely missing, and it all comes off as little more than half an hour of self-indulgence. Does not pose a remotely serious threat to I'm Sorry/Clue's domination of comedy panel games.

I have to admit, it wasn't as good as I expected.

After seeing the adverts showing Stephen Fry hosting QI (who is someone who can steal a show if nobody's being funny, but does prefer to let other people take the limelight) and given some of the contestants, I was hoping it was going to be a little faster and a little more tongue-in-cheek, like the adverts showed it to be, and display far less pompousness than it did. People who were trying to make the show funny (Davies, and Baker on occasions) were mocked by Fry because of it.

Still, I sense with other comedians being there (Bill Bailey or Rich Hall would be prime examples), the show could be excellent. It all comes down to how pretentious the show wants to be.

Mind you, irregardless, it's nice to see the BBC produce something a little more intelligent. I mean, you have this on one end of the spectrum and any joke Jonathan Ross produces on the other end of the BBC spectrum, and I know which I'd prefer to watch.

QI was alright. Some funny bits, some shit bits. Jonothan Creek was hugely annoying at times, as was Danny 'Fatty' Baker. But I will watch again.

That Edge cover is nice. The magazine isn't anything special this month, though. Mario Golf - 6? Fuck you Edge, fuck you right in the ear.

Well, I'm not sure what score they gave Wario Ware but I know Edge's score made me feel insulted.

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