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Only working 6-9 tonight, to compensate for the fact I worked five hours on Tuesday. I bought a copy of a special Edge (with Vib Ribbon cover, huzzah!) and Dark Chronicle, and that'll keep me content, even if that's the majority of this week's wage gone there and then. Still, I'll be a happy chap with this, and that's all that matters.

One hour's gone already. When you're only working three hours the time seems to fly by ridiculously swiftly. Not that I mind. I've got to get home early to walk Harry (poor sod's been feeling bad), watch QI (BBC2, 10 PM, LOOKS TO BE BRILLIANT. WATCH IT. I WILL MAKE A FUSS OF THIS.) and play Dark Chronicle until my head cannot deal with being awake any longer. Yeah, that sounds like a good night.

Oh! And I'll have reheated pizza waiting for me when I get home! The culinary skills are to be feared, people.

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