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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I wake up, I go out and do something trivial. I come back at 1:50. I get an email from Asti + Truds offering if I want to go see Spirited Away: to be there at 1:50.

End result: Gah!

Fate wants to shake its hand in my face in a threatening manner today.

Update: It also appears that I have several dubious files show up in Task Manager, which is making me think I've an excellent chance of somehow getting a trojan (or several) on this machine. Virus-checkers are running now. I am not particularly pleased.

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Ah, yes. C is for cookie, and all that.

I used to have the mp3 of that.

I'm sure someone made a German techno version of that song also.

That would be quite brilliant. If I can get a .wav of a bunch of Brits singing it, I'd attempt a techno mix myself.

Is that a challenge?

I can find lots of rabid kids who'll sing for you.

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