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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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If QI is dumbing up TV...
Dare To Believe is confusing up TV.

On the cheap The Royal Tenenbaums was acquired. Other considerations for cheap acquisitions may include looking at the play.com sale, Fantavision for a fiver, Mad Maestro for nine.

Dark Chronicle is excellent. I've just gotten three hours in and I know it's excellent because the game wanted me to try to beat up an elephant with a wrench. But then the game pointed out I shouldn't do that; I should get a giant mechanical robot and use that to smack the elephant in instead!

But it's an evil elephant, so it's alright.

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The Royal Tenenbaums is a fine choice. One of my favourite films ever. For real!

Got Adaptation today (from the director of Being John Malovich). Ex rantal from a site, but it's in perfect condition. And it only cost me £7! Balls to the publishers if they think I'm buying a bare bones DVD for £18.

Yeah, that's the thing about The Royal Tenenbaums - I've never heard a negative review of it, but a lot of people kinda ignored it when it came out. Bit like Amelie.

Mmm, yeah. When we sell ex-rental DVDs, they go for around 7-10 quid, and given if I wait a month I can get films that cheap, why would I want to pay so much for the DVD on release?

Dare to Believe is a piece of shit, Dean. A PIECE OF SHIT.

Royal Tenenbaums is splendid, however. I can also highly recommend Rushmore, from the same director.

Did I say it was good? I just said it was confusing up ITV.

I was up late, it was on. I watched. I should have played Dark Chronicle.

I didn't mean that nastily. Well, not to you anyway.

evil elephants scare me
save me?
So I have an important question - what happened to timidkitten?
she disappeared while I was gone
and I miss her
(and I should have real internet access back on Monday!)

Her username is now aliciacolt. Pester there.

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