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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The lack of water, and the high level of point-missing.
There's a burst water main somewhere, Mum assumes, as we have no mains water. In fact, all the water we have is in the kettle right now. Not really anything too life-threatening, but it appears I won't be having a bath after work tonight. Chances are I'll have to go for a walk up to Nan's tomorrow to bathe, heh.

Aside from that, life is pleasant enough, I'm just slowly plodding through it. Work is the very annoying slow-yet-not type so far tonight (when the shop always feels empty but there's always that one solitary person at the counter, meaning you can't get anything done) but for some reason I expect tonight will be fun. Also: Asti, Simon was telling me rentals on Saturday have dropped by around 20-30% in recent weeks, and he's not sure why this is occuring. So we'll be having to put the newest, biggest films on all the time on Saturday, even if they're godawful films, to try to create public interest. Of course, this is missing the point - if people want to rent, they'll come in. People won't walk in off the streets to wander into a rental shop, especially given the information we require before you could be made a rental member here. Anyhoo, at worst we'll keep the telly near us off and the telly halfway down the shop on, I guess.

I bought the Game Boy Player into work today, I'll be having a go at Advance Wars 2 if it gets quiet, else I'll put on a demo of the game. It's showing off a product coming out soon, is the spiel I'll use if anyone enquires why. I think we should have a Game Boy Player in the shop anyway, truth be told. It's a way to let people test GBA games before buying them, after all.

The boss is considering ordering in the n-gage from Nokia, and games and such. I hope he doesn't. This is the handheld machine priced at a ludicrous £299, that can barely play things like the PSone game Pandemonium. The makers also seem to enjoy alienating potential customers by pointing out how geeky it is to play on a GBA on a night out. I think they are Kings of Point-Missing at the moment, and I would laugh at anyone who decides to buy an n-gage. Let's face it, the PSP will be seen as "cooler" and the GBA will be seen as cheaper, and those are the two primary factors people seem to consider in a console these days.

Jodie Law just came in here. I really don't remember her having a cleavage like that, last I saw her.

One thing I need to work on (as in, something I need to improve on as a person, not actively work in this shop) involves finding a way to get things done when I get free time. I've been wanting to call someone for a while but I never get the time to pre-work and I don't think they'd appreciate calls at 10:30 PM; I keep not having the time to hoover before work too, and obviously a loud hoover at half past ten wouldn't be appreciated by anyone in our block of flats. Worst, someone was meant to call me but because of annoying little things always getting in the way it never happened and now they've disappeared offline for a bit. And I miss them.

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I noticed people haven't been renting much in the past few weeks; perhaps cos there's nothing decent out? I'll tell ya another thing - whoever puts up the newest releases does it in a really stupid way - all the new films should be in the one section, so people don't have to go searching. Like the first whole rack of shelves should be where the new stuff is (One Hour Photo is still in the first rack for DVDs, and that should move along a bit) I mean, for the videos, The Hours was the latest release, yet it was 3 racks along!? How will anyone notice it there?!!

Oh I dunno; maybe I'm scaring 'em off. ;D Hey, we always stick on one the new films! People always ask "oh when's that out?" and I always have to reply "Monday". ¬_¬

(Sorry, I'm in a bit of a mood; started back at uni today, and just got back from karate and I'm shattered)

Yeah, I knew you'd restarted karate, I was wondering if you were gonna pop in.

Sorry to hear you're in a bit of a mood. My upbeatness and jolliness for no reason would have got you laughing though!

Simon says they're put out vaguely at eye height. But I don't like how it's done and it makes it hell to find most of the films. I dunno how you cope, every week things are a bit different.

I was gonna pop in, but we were running late and needed to do our warm-ups! >_< Are you gonna be working Monday evenings still? (well, until the game-testing?)

Oh I'm ok now; got some food in me. ;D Ugh, and my mum's watching An Officer And A Gentleman on channel 5, so I've escaped back up here again. ;)

I noticed they're at eye height, but I just think it'd be a much better idea to have them all in the one place. I know it'd probably mean more work for whoever sticks them on the shelves on Monday morning, but I think it'd be easier for the customers (and us!) Well, when I come in every week, I have a quick look at where evrything is, so I can point people in the right direction. ^_^

Did Simon have an idea as to why people are renting less on Saturdays? I'm worried that this is all gonna somehow end up being my fault. >_

Of course I'm gonna be working Monday evenings! Any chance I get to bump into you has to be taken, hehe :)

I'm trying to eat, but eh. Don't feel hungry.

And I have to do that checking of the films every Monday evening before I work, given things are always all over the place...

I say the reasons will be piracy (it's easier than ever to get pirate DVDs) and the fact lots of people are renting throughout the week instead of specifically on the weekends. I'll be over the whole week we're not doing too bad.

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