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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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It'll mean six and a half extra hours of money, though. Always good.
Not now.
Looking at what constitutes as breakfast television, and what'll follow subsequently as morning television, no wonder I enjoy sleeping through until the afternoon.

Got to cover someone else's shift today - so from 10 until around 4 I'll be working. This means I'm ensuring the Game Boy Player is coming with me. I know how dead it is in the mornings, there. I have to have something to do during the quiet moments.

Now, time to get ready. Eh, I've got to do this "waking up early" again on Friday!

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Speaking of morning television, myself and 5 friends received an offer to go on the Trisha show for FREE in the audience. We declined.

I'd have gone, but got pissed beforehand. My friends Jo and Les did that and shouted on air. Sheer comedy.

Whatever happened to Eric Stoltz then?

Gameboy Player. I'm still not sure I see the point. I bought the Super Gameboy back in the day and it barely got used, so I don't see what difference this new doohickey will make.

Re: Whatever happened to Eric Stoltz then?

Well, I see it as this:

It makes Wario Ware a game people can watch you play. It means I can sit in bed playing Advance Wars without the worry of batteries running down (unless I use the Wavebird). It means Puyo Pop can be showed on a big screen, so I can see all the colours easier. It lets me play Zelda: LttP on a controller, reminding me of the golden days of the SNES. Oh, and it makes the 'cube more cube-shaped.

I can imagine why the Super Gameboy failed, the games were pretty dire in those days. Now GBA games are of a SNES/Mega Drive standard, there's an actual viability for the Game Boy player.

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