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You know you've been working too hard when you have a dream involving a lot of stressful situations happening at work.

Mind you, I guess I must have got a little repressed anger released in that dream; after I chased the guy who tried to steal the shop till, I rugby-tackled the guy to the floor and then smashed his head against the till a few times. I think I remember saying to him if he wanted the till so badly I'd be welcome to show his face the till at remarkably close quarters. My dream self really was quite upset at his cheek.

And then the dream threw me because after I recovered the till, plugged it in and sorted out things, I looked up to find a car in the shop driving into the walls, smashing up the rental cases. I also found someone was in the shop at the same time as this car, who jumped behind the counter and told me we were doomed from the evil car. Hmm.

I'm just glad I'm not working today. Not feeling great.

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