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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I want to travel somewhere new. I'm really getting a little bored with the monotony of how things are going recently. I don't know where to go, exactly, but I have the money to afford to travel wherever I want, at least, though I'd rather I travelled somewhere local - well, stay in the UK, at least.

I imagine this is because I want to be around friends more often. I don't get enough time to these days. Odd, because in the past this never bothered me much at all; I am usually quite a solitary person.

So, I will go somewhere soon. What is also odd is that I don't like getting lost but I really want to explore.

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I reccommend Genesee County, Michigan. Bring money.

Are you sure you didn't typo there, and you want me to bring monkeys?

I might be able to help you narrow down where not to go.

Yes, agreed. I don't think a jock-centric place would amuse me much.

So that's the Middle East and Winthrop off the list so far.

Maybe Portugal would be better.

Oh, damnit. Wiped out my own post that time.

Bug me sometime when I'm online. Don't have time to recreate it now.

You do have a ridiculous habit of wiping out your posts.

It must be expensive to maintain, too.

In this case, I was in the process of preserving it. I had hit Ctrl-A to highlight all, then slipped off the Ctrl as I hit C.

At least this time, it's neither IE being stupid, LJ being uncooperative nor a problem with using the browser instead of a client (unless the new ones let you respond to entries as well).

Come see me!

Re: Not local.. though

Duly noted :)

I wanna go travelling too! Damn bloody uni. I recommend Fort William in Scotland; it truely is a peaceful, beautiful place. :D

I will be travelling north of the border, for sure.

I am visiting Edinburgh. No way around it, I am going there very soon. I demand to.

Ah, Edinburgh! I've only passed through it, but it seemed nice. :D Don't mention Glasgow while there though. ;) I'd love to have a proper look round.

I've two friends around Edinburgh I need to meet. I know I promised one of them I'd try to visit with Jess, and she said we could stay with her.

But if you wanted to go up there with me, I'd enjoy that too. No idea about a hotel around there, but a cheap B&B would do me.

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