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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Easy come, easy go.
The sources of stress:

Today I had to go to Nan's and go over the post office for her as usual. On the way home though, the bag with our money in seemed to split without me realising. End result: she's ended up £5 down, and I ended up £5 down. She was a little annoyed but said she'd compensate my five pounds as payment for going over the post office for her. End result, she's £10 down and I'm guilty as possible.

After leaving her place, I go to Barclays to enquire about money that's not been put into my account from Tuesday. My receipt does not exist any more so they don't give a toss. Ergo, I'm £50 down until I really get on their case. I'll pop back in there on Tuesday, hopefully the person who served me will remember me and how much I put into the account. This is more out of hope than anything, but otherwise I'll have to look into finding out how to make an official complaint at Barclays. Either way, it's pretty much gonna mean the end of my Barclays account once this is resolved - I'll be looking for a new bank to put my money into given how disrespectfully I've been treated.

The part I'm amused by is how this bank has expansive CCTV and if someone stole from them they could pick up a lot of precise details, but the moment someone enquires the bank stole from them and this sophisticated machine couldn't even pick up what was said and how much I gave them.

So, today is the day money wants to disown me. Anyone want anything while I appear to be in this generous money-offering mood?

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Keep an eye out for a copy of Shenmue2 for my mate. £20 is his limit. :)

Haha. The shop has begun to sell crap it can't get rid of rare stock on ebay. If that game came in I expect the shop owner would bark it onto ebay swiftly.

But I'll make sure to hold onto one personally if it comes in. Don't hold your breath though.

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