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No rest for the wicked.

Yesterday, I had a flu injection. I don't know why, but a side effect from them is that I always feel sleepy. So I usually need a rest after a flu jab. Maybe my body wants me to stop burning as much energy, so it can fight the evil virus. After the jab and the rest, I waddled into work and a grand time was had; I finally got to see Trudi again and meet a few friends of theirs as well. I should go visit them sometime soon.

Today, though, my body isn't happy and I'm not really mentally calm. I feel like I could snap if someone starts any arguments today. I also feel like I could faint; I appear to be a few degrees hotter than I should be. Never the most promising of signs, that. Still, only today and tomorrow and then I have a rest on Tuesday. Well, besides having to go to the bank and sort out the money issue.

I really would enjoy solitary confinement for a few hours. The problem of having work and such is that when I get home I feel a little... rushed, I guess, to do something in the free time I have. To have effectively not wasted a day. I need to waste a day soon, to not have work for it, to just go "Sod it" to work and be lazy as hell. Of course, while Mum's still at home I have no chance of that.

When I get home tonight I am not going to be in a mood to be disturbed. Nice calm music and a lot of drink will be best. Of course, this will not happen, but it's nice to dream.

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