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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Phil-goading, late night edition!
GoodCow2K (05:33:05): Why are you awake?
Jusquun (05:33:48): Why shouldn't I be?
GoodCow2K (05:33:56): It's 5:30AM
Jusquun (05:34:17): And what makes that a bad time to go to bed at?
GoodCow2K (05:34:32): I feel like crap and can't fall asleep.
Jusquun (05:36:19): I don't and can't!
GoodCow2K (05:36:28): ...
GoodCow2K (05:36:41): You people aren't helping.
Jusquun (05:36:44): I'll sleep at 6. I'm playing online Advance Wars 2 with Andvari.
Jusquun (05:36:52): To sleep better, have some nice warm milk.
Jusquun (05:36:56): Or was it cold milk?
Jusquun (05:37:07): Or was it gin?
Jusquun (05:37:28): Yes, gin. Get yourself plastered. That'll get you to sleep quicker than you can say "I can see the magic tramp."
GoodCow2K (05:37:55): Fuck you all.
Jusquun (05:38:11): I love you too!
Jusquun (05:38:18): Want a bedtime story?

Update! "You've been warned by GoodCow2K. Your warning level has increased from 0% to 5%."

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Just out of interest, how do you do that? If it involves a mirror and a dildo, I'm interested. o_O

What's their problem?

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