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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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How to impress the Jess.
It's taken nearly a year - and I'd completely forgotten about this - but the guy got round to it eventually, and credit to him for it.

Not worth it potentially getting crumpled (or worse, lost) in the post, so you'll have to come and visit to get it, Jess. Poor you!

Over the last few days, I've been playing a lot of Advance Wars 2 with Andvari, using the rom and passing the save state from the emulator between us. We're playing together as Colin and Jess against the computer playing as Olaf and Kanbei. A ridiculously fun game is being had, it's quite impressive how well we're working out a strategy too, heh.

Oh! There was something I had to do. I have to find lots of stuff to sell to the games shop. I want to get rid of some clutter, I feel. But there is definitely something I'm forgetting. This is really getting to me.

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Is that the guy from Jonathan Creek?

Is that the guy from Red Dwarf?

Yeah, his real life name is Alan Davies and Jess has always liked Jonathan Creek a ridiculous amount.

Sundays are known as Creek Night in their household simply due to him being on UK Gold on Sunday evenings.

All things considered though, he was a bit crap on QI last week. I was also a bit disappointed by Bill Bailey's reluctance to say anything in particular.

Alas, working on Thursday nights means I barely get to see more than the last ten minutes of the show.

I missed a bit at the start also. You didn't really miss much, from what I saw, but Rich Hall was on good form.

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