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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I sold a fair amount of stuff, in the end. I made £35 on it all, but have temporarily lost £9 by buying Cliff an ex-rental Two Towers DVD. Given I've little faith on that bank wanting to help tomorrow at least I've cut most of my losses by doing this.

These crisps I'm eating are so bland, I feel the packaging may taste better. The shop has also changed a little bit behind the counter. Things are definitely easier to find now, but it's still taking time to get used to.

Oh, I teased Jess with the signed pic of Alan Davies by saying it was a Photoshop attempt of mine first of all. I am heartless sometimes.

I sense a long philosophical post soon, when I get home.

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They're not the "Salt 'n' Shake" ones are they? And you forgot to add the salt?

They're 10p Cheesy Nibble crisps.

However, they're more like styrofoam with a hint of cheese.


I think the only decent 10p crisps in the history of crispkind are those ... jesus, the name escapes me. Ah ha! Space Raiders!


That's what you should have bought.

I'd eaten all of those already. :P

The other nice 10p crisps are Cheeseburger flavour Quarterbacks.

Wow, I thought 10p crisps died a long time ago. Here in Ireland, if you pay an less that 50c (About 34p) for a pack of crisps, you're getting a bargain. I do remember liking the following, though:

Burger Bites, Meanies, and Space Raiders. Oh, there were also those small bags of Fives, which only cost 5p. Ah, them were t'days.

There were Meanies that were pickled onion and cost 5p for a while (before going up to 6p!) and there was a cheese equivalent - Cheesies - and they were both really nice, with strong flavours. I remember I'd walk over to the sweet shop and buy a box of each of them, which'd be about five pounds.

Space Raiders can be found in any old off license because they're simply excellent. They are the ultimate in decent cheap snacking.

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